Kingswood Clinic
Dorothy Gardens Benfleet, Essex SS7 3AD GB
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Kingswood Clinic at Club Kingswood
Clayhill Lane Basildon, Essex SS16 5JP GB
Phone: 07886517903 Website:

​Your therapist may advise that kinesiology rocktape would be beneficial for your symptoms. If you choose to undertake such treatment there will be an added charge of £2.50 

or £12.50 for 15 minute follow up taping

Kingswood Clinic's Fees

Treatments are 45 mins £40

£50 release of your records,

manual copies for yourself, GP,

specialist, solicitor etc.

£10 GP or Consultant letters

Gift vouchers available upon request

Contact Clare at

​or call 07977650489

to book your 10 minute free consultation 

and find out how we can help you at

Kingswood Clinic, Benfleet and Basildon, Essex

Call Clare on 07886517903