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to classic and supercar buyers

PT Jamie Mitchell 

at Club Kingswood for all your 

​body sculpting and weight loss needs

Club Kingswood, Basildon, Essex.

The friendly face of fitness

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​Raising funds for

Royal Marines in need.

Kingswood Clinic at Club Kingswood
Clayhill Lane Basildon, Essex SS16 5JP GB
Phone: 07886517903 Website: http://www.kingswoodclinic.co.uk

Nutrition, fitness plans and

online coaching contact

Steven Wong - PT

East London

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PT Jamie Mitchell

Swedish massages, sports and

deep tissue massages available at

Tranquility, Club Kingswood,

Basildon, Essex

Eat healthy on the go with prepped and packed bags.

Kingswood Clinic
Dorothy Gardens Benfleet, Essex SS7 3AD GB
Phone: 07886517903 Website: http://www.kingswoodclinic.co.uk

Join Heather Samson for all your nutritional and exercise needs at Club Kingswood, Basildon

Call Clare on 07886517903